The Moments Enabling Fund

The Moments Enabling Fund is a Partner or ‘Pardna’ as known to the Caribbean community, is an old method that brings rich culture back in the 21st century allowing peer-to-peer credit and savings.

This is how many of our grandparents and parents saved money and how they bought items to furnish their homes without relying on regulated financial institutions.
This system is also well known in South America, Africa and Asia.

Our Community pardna and savings Plan is a partnership among family and friends who become members and contribute money each month to help each other through mutual love, integrity, respect and trust to reach short, medium and long term financial goals.

Joining us will allow you to save for planned or unplanned expenses. Our aim is to help families find alternative solutions to their financial commitments.

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Thank you for coming together to enable each and every one of us to achieve our goals. I received my pay-out on time and was able to meet a commitment I had made. God bless you all.

– JS

I have definitely benefited from the Enabling Fund. I was able to use my pay-outs to clear debts which has drastically reduced my monthly outgoings and has enabled me to save regularly.


Thank you, Marilyn, for potentially helping us do something worthwhile with our hard- earned money. Nuff respect.


Hi Maz, I found the Enabling Fund very helpful and would like to continue.  I forgot about it and then it’s nice when you get a lump-sum for all those things you needed to use it for.  I would like to also join the savings club for six months.  I look forward to hearing from you. 

– Jo, Grp1004