The Moments Training Academy

2020-02-15 14.58.37

Hello and welcome to The Moments Training Academy where you will soon find multiple courses and guides for your use.

In light of how our world has changed so dramatically means that we may not be able to gather together for a little while yet. Nonetheless,  It is important that you remain on top of your personal growth journey and it is also imperative that we do too.

Resilience Modules 1 & 2

Our first course will be supported by our online mentoring session on 13 June 2020 at 10 am via Zoom; check out our events page for further information.

This course will specifically look at emotional intelligence and so we have prepared 2 Modules for you.  Each Module has six lessons.  Once you complete these, we know you will want to grab hold of the remaining 3 Modules (another 9 lessons).  These will be finalised soon.

Our two Modules include subjects such as Self-Awareness, Performance, Behaviour, Managing Emotions, Taking Responsibility, and No More Regrets.

We also provide a reading, listening, and/or a  ‘to watch’ recommendation to aid you at the end of each Module and as a bonus, we have included our Habits Journal for tracking your progress.

You will learn how to recognise your emotions, how to take control, and strategies to combat a low emotional quotient.  We believe by following the steps, you will significantly raise your profile as an individual both personally and professionally.


Price £19:00 for a limited time only.