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When change happens in our lives, we need to shift our thinking to accommodate the alteration. As with anything you practice often, this adaptability gets better the more you do it. Frequent change can’t help but make us more flexible in every aspect of our lives. This e-Book and Workbook will help you understand ‘change’, when it’s time to change and how to make a change.  We are committed to helping you on your journey in order that you successfully change your trajectory. A great balance of biblical and practical perspectives.  Written by Pastor Marilyn Joseph-Maddix
Ebook & Workbook:  Introductory price £15  (total, for the set)

This course will specifically look at emotional intelligence and so we have prepared 2 Modules for you.  Each Module has six lessons.  Once you complete these, we know you will want to grab hold of the remaining 3 Modules (another 9 lessons).  These will be finalised soon.
Our two Modules include subjects such as Self-Awareness, Performance, Behaviour, Managing Emotions, Taking Responsibility, and No More Regrets.
Our first course will be supported by our online mentoring session on 13 June 2020 at 10 am via Zoom; check out our events page for further information.

You can book a 30 Minutes Free Mentoring Session – Book here

Price £19:00 for a limited time only!


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Our three main areas of Mentorship

Growth Environment

Have you reached an impasse whilst negotiating life? Do you need some help in developing good habits, perhaps you just need a Mentor as a young leader or entrepreneur. We are here for you.


Mindset Transformation

Our Group Mentoring Sessions are tailored to aid personal growth through mindset transformation.  With regular scheduled mentoring days whether on-line or in person, we guarantee that you will leave each session having learnt something new.  All mentoring is carried out from a biblical and practical application.



We will mentor you by giving you access to resources, skills, knowledge, experience and support in building your small Business or Project.

Telephone Mentoring

If you would like one-to-one mentoring then you can book a FREE 30 minute telephone appointment with one of our mentors to discuss your growth environment, mindset transformation or your entrepreneurship.  Further appointments can be made hassle-free using our automated booking system.  Further mentoring will cost £1 per minute for 30 minutes totalling £30.  You can pay online by following the prompts.

Group Mentoring

We hold Group Mentoring sessions throughout the year, undertaking topical mentoring where all our mentees are involved and participate freely. It’s a relaxed, warm and accepting environment and a great opportunity for learning.

The sessions are dual-purposed;  personal growth and business start-ups.

Coffee Moments

Here is another opportunity for Mentees to meet. This is a free event. Coffee Mornings are not geared towards mentoring, but just a good old get-together for social support with a mentor present.

You will need to Register to attend and don’t forget to bring spare change for your coffee.

What People Are Saying

Moments has been an inspiration and a forward kicking pressure to evaluate ones objectives and goals.  Sharing and receiving from the wealth of information from the mentors and the mentorees has also been invaluable.  I would recommend Moments to anyone looking to move their personal, family and business lives forward to another level under Christ Jesus.

Joy S, Aberdeen

I left my fulltime permanent job in September 2017.  Since then, I have been temping part-time whilst looking for a full-time job. The temporary assignment ended 29th March 2018. I was without a job.  On Monday 9th April 2018, I decided to resave my CV on the website CV Library; on Tuesday 10th April, I received a telephone call from a job recruitment consultant stating that she saw my CV on the website.  She asked me if I knew anything about GDPR, I told her yes, I was supporting my church in the process of becoming GDPR compliant and I also went on a workshop in February 2018.  She wanted to know if it was a proper professional workshop, with whom etc.  I explained it was with Moments Mentoring and told her I have a Certificate of Attendance as proof that I attended.  She then told me a London Borough Council wanted a Data Protection Information Support Officer and wanted to move fast.  I sent her the information required, they invited me for an interview on the morning of Wednesday 11th April and I learnt I got the job about 20 minutes after leaving the interview. I started my new job on Tuesday 17th April 2018.

–  Marva Clarke

“It was an absolute pleasure being among such a great and wonderful group of women.  I look forward to the next coffee morning.”

Janice, Watford

Firstly, I thank you for allowing me to participate at the Moments Budget and Debt Management Course. You have allowed me a second chance, another shot at life.  The facilitator, Pastor Paul and Pastor Marilyn have planted a seed of a second chance for me.  I never thought it possible.  I thank God I can get over my past and in realness, move on with my life and stop living in stuck.  Thank you, you will never know how you have helped this woman who was lost and is now found.  I am very appreciative.

– Karen.

“Both Denise and I enjoyed last week.  It was enlightening and very well organised.  You are so empowering.. the whole MM team a wonderful example of authentic love.  So so glad to be part of your journey.”
Gwen, Watford

Hi Marilyn, lovely coffee morning.  The ladies left encouraged and motivated.  Enjoy the rest of the sunshine. xx

– Yvonne, London

Hi Sam, You will never believe my son asked me what course I went on for budgeting as he would like to go on one.  You may have to run one for young adults.  It’s such an awesome thing – seriously!!! – KR, London

Since attending the forums run by Moments, I have since learnt that the journey of becoming successful in life does not have to be a lonely road to travel, but one that can be exciting and fun with the interaction of beautiful sisters and dedicated mentors – a stomping ground to feast off each others skills alike.  I can only testify that I have personally found it to be limitless in the sharing of advice, experience, speeches delivered with effortless professionalism coupled with all the encouragement that one can be given to run and not become weary with.  I look forward to the next Moments group mentoring just to be a part of this ministry that will cause life changes that will affect our everyday business or personal lives.

Marian E, Herts

“Hi Marilyn, Beautiful session yesterday.  Really enjoyed it.  I will defo be at the next one with friends.”

Nadine, Milton Keynes

Moments Mentoring has been an amazing support and information hub for propelling me into starting my business. I love the fact that it not only gives me the practical facts for starting a business, but also addresses the correct character, decorum and standards we must live as children of God in the secular market place. I’m always so excited for the next session and the amazing speakers that are brought in too.

Jannine, Uxbridge

Moments has literally helped me to make my dream come true.  We always say “oh one day I would like to do this or that, One day I would like to start my own business”. But Moments Mentoring has helped me put my words and vision into action.  I have always wanted to be a teacher and I love dance so becoming a dance teacher just seemed like the right career choice for me.  After getting married and having a child, my life changed and I wondered whether I would ever reach my goal or if it would forever stay as something I wanted to do.  I am truly grateful to Pastor Marilyn for starting Moments and giving me the opportunity to reach my fullest potential in life

Naldine Y, Watford

Today I got to collaborate with Moments Mentoring and oh, my gosh, it was a fabulous day.  The delegates in the room were amazing, the energy in the room was absolutely amazing. What I liked was the high standards of everything that they done but the most precious thing for me, was the end of the presentation.  There were four other women with Pastor Marilyn that prayed for those in the room.  They prayed for me and my family and that was absolutely powerful.  I look forward to receiving what they spoke into my life.

Thank you Pastor Paul and Marilyn.

-Paula Perry, You4Us UK

Dear Pastor Marilyn

I would like to provide feedback for the Moments Group Mentoring Session held on Saturday 25 November.   I would at first like to thank you for providing these sessions for women and I commend you for the finer details that went into the lunch supplied and the table decor etc.  Your attention to detail and passion for ensuring that, in particular, the women of ‘Moments Disciples’ who were in attendance, enjoyed themselves was noted.  I gained much from the day and would attend future sessions.

The spiritual take on any session topics needs to remain going forward.  It is refreshing for this to be a basis of a session – it is your USP.  Your delivery of Part I was well received.  You were calm, collected and articulated your message incredibly well.  I thought your presentation was humorous and people will always learn that little bit more when they are engaged and made to laugh.  Thank you!

Shauna-Kay G, Northamptonshire

Just a word of thanksgiving with your obedience to bring forth the Lord’s call on your life through his guidance and anointing. Pastor Marilyn The ministry has truly blessed me to challange myself and take ownership of my destiny and fulfilling my calling.

Dionne A-M, Milton Keynes

I arrived at the Moments Mentoring Workshop on Saturday 24th February 2018, which was a full house; I looked around and was impressed by everything.  It was not a tacky, cheap information workshop. It was thoroughly thought through, full of professionalism, colour coordinated, with handbook and with a qualified solicitor to take the Workshop with presentation.

The Workshop was good, interesting and informative.  I came away happy with lots of information to help my church become GDPR compliant. I also received a Certificate of Attendance, which some may think was not necessary, but professionalism is professionalism.

God has a way of working things out for the good of his people.

The job is going really well and I know that there is better to come out of this job – to God be the Glory!  Thank you Moments Mentoring.


–  Marva Clarke

Meet Your Mentors

Marilyn Joseph-Maddix
Rev. MA. B.Th. Pg.DipM. MCMI

Hi, I’m Marilyn and I am the founder and executive mentor of Moments Mentoring with Authentic Love.

I received a vision for ‘Moments’ back in 2006 when I began to write ‘Moments’ The Newsletter bi-monthly, addressing women on topical issues of life. After two years of writing these newsletters my life changed direction. I found myself doing other things to fill my day including opening a high street retail boutique, changing ministries, becoming a Pastor, driving forward my Events company and writing scriptural reference books and devotionals amongst other projects.

I am married to an amazing man, Paul Maddix, who is also a Pastor and an Executive Mentor and who is a great supporter and contributor. We served under the leadership of Dr. Apostle K McLeod and Senior Pastor W McLeod at of Miracle Christian Centre, Watford where we served as Executive Heads over various departments. Together we are formidable having valuable knowledge and experience using biblical principles to obtain the optimal mentoring of aspiring leaders in Christian Ministry and being able to mentor in various capacities. We enjoy watching the spiritual and career growth of those we mentor.

My husband and I have always been great supporters of young people and getting the message across that in whatever we do in life, we are first ambassadors of Christ Jesus; This is very important to us. We are, after all, the physical representation of our invisible God.

Come along and join me and my incredible team for something a little different but empowering, motivating and definitely worthwhile.
See you soon.

Yvonne D Hines
Rev. MA, BA, Dip couns

Yvonne has a love to encourage and motivate people. God has positioned her as a ‘midwife’ to help individuals give birth to their gift(s). She is a great believer that regardless of what a person has gone through they can live a more fulfilling life. She has been blessed with three gifts, her husband Pastor Errol Hines who she assists in ministry and her two sons Micah Samuel and Janile Joel.

She is a qualified counselor who works with adults, married couples and young people. She also has sixteen years experience in mental health, where she has started a new service, conducted research, trained staff, supported service users and carers.

Rev. Paul A Maddix

Pastor Paul, Co-Founder and Executive Mentor has been married to Marilyn for 33 years.  He is passionate about all things Christ Jesus and loves people.  His passion for sharing the Word of God is undeniable, having served in various and many ministries over the years.  He has always seen himself teaching and mentoring in various situations.  He provides pastoral care to a range of demographs and is our lead in intentional prayer, keeping us sound and on our toes.

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