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Moments Mentoring (With Authentic Love) is inspired by Titus 2:3-4 (KJV)
“Likewise older women are to be reverent in behaviour, not slanderers, not addicted to much wine.  They are to teach what is good…”
The Scripture goes on to describe the type of teaching of the older women to the younger women. Moments Mentoring has a different emphasis which is to teach and mentor in those things enabling the personal development of women.

Join the Movement!

Our three main areas of Mentorship

Growth Environment

We will mentor you in your Christian walk whether as a new believer or young leader in the making. We believe your environment is key to your growth.


Mindset Transformation

We will mentor you in developing good habits in your role as leader, manager, supervisor, team leader and organiser, bringing you closer to your goals.



We will mentor you by giving you access to resources, skills, knowledge, experience and support in building your small Business or Project.

What we Do

– and how to book your place

Telephone Mentoring

If you would like one-to-one mentoring then you can book a FREE 30 minute telephone appointment with one of our mentors to discuss your growth environment, mindset transformation or your entrepreneurship.  Further appointments can be made hassle-free using our automated booking system.  Further mentoring will cost £1 per minute for 30 minutes totalling £30.  You can pay online by following the prompts.

Group Mentoring

We hold Group Mentoring sessions throughout the year, where women aged 18+ come together. We undertake topical mentoring where all our mentees are involved and participate freely. It’s a relaxed, warm and accepting environment and a great opportunity for learning.

The sessions are dual-purposed; Spiritual Growth and Business/Projects.

You have the option of attending the workshop/course from £20.00 or Mentoring and Group Support for £20.00. There are special discounts for attending the whole days’ event.

Coffee Moments

Here is another opportunity for Mentees to meet. This is a free event. Coffee Mornings are not geared towards mentoring, but just a good old get-together for social support with a mentor present.

You will need to Register to attend and don’t forget to bring spare change for your coffee.

What People Are Saying

Meet Your Mentors

Marilyn Joseph-Maddix
Rev. MA. B.Th. Pg.DipM. ACMI

Hi, I’m Marilyn and I am the founder and executive mentor of Moments Mentoring with Authentic Love.

I received a vision for ‘Moments’ back in 2006 when I began to write ‘Moments’ The Newsletter bi-monthly, addressing women on topical issues of life. After two years of writing these newsletters my life changed direction. I found myself doing other things to fill my day including opening a high street retail store, changing ministries, becoming a Pastor, driving forward my Events company and writing scriptural reference books and devotionals amongst other projects.

I am married to an amazing man, Paul Maddix, who is also a Pastor and a great supporter and contributor of the many ventures we have together. We both serve in ministry under Apostle K McLeod and Senior Pastor W McLeod at Miracle Christian Centre, Watford where we are Executive Heads over various departments. Together we are formidable having valuable knowledge and experience using biblical principles to obtain the optimal mentoring of aspiring leaders in Christian Ministry and being able to mentor in various capacities. We enjoy watching the spiritual and career growth in those we mentor.

My husband and I have always been great supporters of young people and getting the message across that in whatever we do in life, we are first ambassadors of Christ Jesus; This is very important to us. We are, after all, the physical representation of our invisible God.

In 2016 as more people approached me to engage with formal mentoring (young and younger), I knew it was time to answer that call and now Moments has blossomed as Moments Mentoring with Authentic Love. I am fulfilling my purpose by helping you fulfil yours!

Come along and join me and my incredible team for something a little different but empowering, motivating and definitely worthwhile.
See you soon.


Yvonne D Hines
Rev. MA, BA, Dip couns

Yvonne has a love to encourage and motivate people. God has positioned her as a ‘midwife’ to help individuals give birth to their gift(s). She is a great believer that regardless of what a person has gone through they can live a more fulfilling life. She has been blessed with three gifts, her husband Pastor Errol Hines who she assists in ministry and her two sons Micah Samuel and Janile Joel.

She is a qualified counselor who works with adults, married couples and young people. She also has sixteen years experience in mental health, where she has started a new service, conducted research, trained staff, supported service users and carers.