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Moments Mentoring and Training Academy | ​Mentees
Moments mentoring provides mentoring from a biblical point of view, in personal development, entrepreneurship and matters concerning the family.
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Moments will make every effort to ensure mentoring sessions whether group mentoring or 1 to 1 mentoring remain confidential. The mentoree should be confident in being able to share, ask questions and speak out in. We rely on our mentorees to value the privacy and confidentiality of all mentorees where explicitly stated.


Expected Outcomes

The outcome of every Moments Mentoring Group or Mentoring 1 to 1, are spiritual, professional and personal development. The focus of all mentoring is on the mentoree. Having said that, there are two types of goals within a group:

  • Group goals; and
  • Personal goals of each mentoree in the group

Group goals provide mentorees with exposure to areas of interest that have been identified as part of the mentoring program; it will also give the mentoree the opportunity to learn not only from the mentor(s) but from one another.


Personal goals will be had by each mentoree wanting to gain expertise in a specific area or wanting to network with a specific individual etc. These individual goals can come to conflict with the group goals. For example, a given mentoree may not have a strong interest in a topic or issue that the group may be discussed at a given point in time; As a result, the mentoree might skip meetings or engage in behaviours that interfere with the group process.


To be a successful mentoree of the group means that one has to give up some of their personal goals for the sake of the greater benefit of learning from multiple sources (Mentor(s) and other group mentorees) to the extent that a mentoree can create this balance will be to the extent to which they can contribute positively to the group and not hinder the overall work of the group.


Moments Mentoring cannot:


  1. Market your business for you.
  2. Provide you with specific legal advice. A Mentor may be able to offer general assistance but you should always seek professional guidance on legal matters.
  3. Develop your strategy or plans for you.  a Mentor will be able to support you in considering your options but you are ultimately responsible for any decisions your make about your business or project.
  4. Have any stake in your business whether financial or otherwise.