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Moments Mentoring and Training Academy | Self-Care is not Selfish
Moments mentoring provides mentoring from a biblical point of view, in personal development, entrepreneurship and matters concerning the family.
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Self-Care is not Selfish

Launch date: 29 September 2020

Self-Care is not Selfish

Have you ever thought that your main purpose is to love God, followed by making sure everyone around you is okay, safe, looked after, well catered for and that you – yes you, are not worth such the effort you put into the wellbeing of others?

Aah, I know I’m not alone when I say these things. Even now, in 2020, I still have those tendencies, but they are so much less than they used to be.

Self-care is not only about your appearance – how you dress or style your hair although good grooming does reflect your self-respect; but come on, please, let us be real. Our dress and lovely hairstyles can act as a camouflage to what is really going on.

Good self-care can take the following form:

  1. taking good rest;
  2. taking a long soak in the bath arrayed with candles and bath bombs (or whatever pleases you);
  3. taking a long walk in the woods, park or lake;
  4. booking a spa or a facial;
  5. meeting with friends over coffee;
  6. dancing and laughing even if it is in your kitchen;
  7. taking a holiday;
  8. having a picnic;
  9. go swimming; and
  10. go for a sauna.

Matthew 11:28. ‘Come unto me all you who labour and are burdened, and I will give you rest.’ When we are working hard and have many pressures that are beginning to weigh us down, then Jesus says, ‘come to me I will give you rest’.

I find that the rest needed is to take time away by myself (just as Jesus sometimes did) whether it’s in the garden or away for a few days to relax in God’s presence. Allowing him to refuel me. It’s about getting away from the noise of life and saturating in His presence.

So how can self-care be selfish? Anyone that truly cares and respects you, will give you room to find rest. You need it and deserve it, male or female.

Do you work extremely hard often without the relevant breaks? Then we implore you to start right now on your self-care journey. We invite you to join us every Tuesday at 12 noon (GMT) for ‘Self-Care Tuesday.’

We are coming to you with a service that truly, you will be blessed to be a part of. We have a varied team coming to you weekly, for half an hour with a word of encouragement, scripture, prayer and a self-care tip.

Invite others to join in and let us take some time out and get refuelled for the rest of our day and week.

Remember, self-care is not selfish – let’s keep this movement moving.


Zoom Meeting ID: 89038734084
Passcode: 138672
Direct Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89038734084?pwd=bXVQS2lmakwrWjVtV1pqSUxFUHlQUT09

If you would like to be reminded half an hour before the live event, please enter your mobile number HERE

See you next Tuesday!

Much love.